Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Silly Kid

Vance's latest thing is to do silly things or make silly faces and have me take a picture of him doing it so he can see what he looks like. Thank heavens for digital cameras because it makes me willing to do that. So here he is being silly.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're not Homeless!

I know this post is shamefully overdue. There has been good reason for my lack of posting in January. Stephen was able to get a new job at a Ford dealership and we moved to a new state. That is so easy to say, much easier than it is to actually do it.
Life has been trying to us since October. We've had our big trials and small trials adding up, up up. We've had our share of blessings too, though and I will not forget those. Stephen getting a job was the biggest blessing we've received. He started looking for a new job in October and by January hadn't had any luck. The first Sunday in January we fasted along with some of our family members and that Friday Stephen was offered a job. I want to share that information to you because it is a testimony to me that fasting and prayer work. Thank you to all of you who fasted and/or prayed for us. I know that Heavenly Father is aware of us and is watching over us and even in the thick of our trials I see him guiding us and blessing us. I almost can not believe how blessed we are. The details of everything that has happened the past few weeks are just too overwhelming to write about (and we lived it!). Stephen and I have been blessed by wonderful family members. My dad came down and helped us pack, load things into vehicles, move our stuff, and unload all of our stuff. My parents let us stay with them for a week while we were homeless. I was sick while we were there and they took care of my boys while Stephen was at work. Stephen's parents came up and helped us pack and move. His dad drove a moving truck and his mom drove their van so that I wouldn't have to drive with two little boys alone in our van. They drove up one day and the very next day drove back home. (11-12 hour drive one way). We had various family members help us pack and move our stuff. We've had family members help us financially. I just want to thank you all for everything no matter how big or small it was I want you to know we appreciated it.
Hopefully I can get back to posting more regularly and maybe tell a story or two from the past little while.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Jillian!

It is my niece's first birthday. We were able to celebrate Jillian's birthday while we were all together in Washington. Here she is with her Mom and the cute cake. We hope you have a fun birthday! We are so glad that our boys have a girl cousin to keep them in line.