Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Birthday

We've been spending sometime with Stephen's parents who got into town Thursday evening and left this afternoon. They got Tanner this fun guitar for his birthday and my mother-in-law also made him an I Spy Quilt, which I'll have to post a picture of because it is really cool. Vance has been enjoying Tanner's birthday presents as much as Tanner has.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tanner's Birthday

As previously mentioned, Tanner's b-day was yesterday. We celebrated with my parents and younger sister with dinner, cake/ice cream, and presents.
Here are a few pictures.

I didn't really decorate, but I did put this up.Here is Tanner's Dr. Seuss Train Cake. I thought it looked like a Dr. Seuss cake since it was really bright colors and they're different sizes, and the last one was a little tipsy. (Hey, I'm an amateur)

Both boys were super excited about the cake. Neither liked us singing "Happy Birthday" to Tanner. As you can see, Vance buried his head the whole time we sang. Tanner endured it a little better.

Yay for cake!

Tanner would rip a tiny little strip of wrapping paper off and then hand it to someone. Let's just say it took him a little while to open his gifts. We eventually got him to put his garbage in a box instead of handing it to someone. We also let Vance help unwrap a couple. He was getting impatient with Tanner's slow unwrapping process.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tanner watching New Moon Trailer

I posted a different video of this on my facebook page as well. Blogger just will not upload my videos that are longer than a minute. Anyway, you can hear Tanner better on this one anyway. I don't know why, but Tanner loves to watch the newest New Moon Trailer. He'll watch it and say "Again." as much as I will actually let him watch it again. I thought it might scare him the first time he watched it sitting on my lap, but he was completely enthralled. He loves to "wolf" at the werewolves, which also got Vance wolving too. He likes to repeat one or two words of lines here and there and he gets into the fight between Edward and the Volturi members. A lot of times he says, "Get 'em" but sometimes he says other things too. I don't remember what he says, if anything in this video. If you have a chance you should see him watch it in person because it is funny. Of course, it could just be because I'm his Mom.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tanner's Birthday Video

Here is the video I put together from the last year of Tanner. He turns 2 on Sunday! The song is I'm Yours by Jason Marz. It wasn't my first pick, but the one I wanted to use, I could not get to work so I had to settle for that instead. Hope you enjoy the video. We are so happy to have Tanner in our family. He amazes us with his talking and is my cuddlier. He wants to be like his older brother, but definitely has a mind of his own. It's fun to look back and think about the last year and how much he has grown and learned in that time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parks and Children

I took the boys to the park to play this morning. Not sure how many more times we'll do that before it gets cooler. They had a great time as always.
Stephen told his boss yesterday that I was expecting and I have to share her response which was, "Uh-oh...wait, is this a good thing?" Stephen assured her that it was a good thing. Then she said something like, "That's a lot of little ones." I told Stephen he should have pointed at himself and said, "Uh, Mormon, remember?" Where we used to live three kids was nothing, but here is seems to be a much bigger deal and guess what we might not be done with 3 (gasp!). To add to that we've had our kids fairly close together so I imagine that makes it all the crazier to people. Hey, I want to have my babies while my body is young and to be able to keep up with my little ones.
I'm just waiting until I start showing because I know two comments/questions I'm bound to get. First, off people are going to tell me that I'm going to have my hands full. Thanks, for pointing that out. I actually am already well aware of that. The other I'm sure I'll get is something to do with either needing to have a girl or asking if I want to have a girl. Honestly, and I'm not just saying it I don't care. If I have a girl, great. I'd love to have a daughter, but I'll be just as happy with another boy. I love my boys and I am prepared to have another one as far as clothes and toys go.
I promise not to make every post one about pregnancy and babies, but I couldn't help but chuckle over Stephen's boss and her response.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma's Yard

I love my parents yard! It is really cool. I love to go over there and look at all the flowers and plants and everything. It isn't a big yard, but they've sure made it look great. I think I need to go take some pictures of their yard while it is still summer weather. Here's a picture of Vance in their yard. Anyway, I was showing Vance some pictures of the Japanese Garden that Stephen and I went to for our anniversary and he thought the pictures were taken at Grandma's house. So see, even he thinks it is a cool yard. For the record, my yard is really lame.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Toddler Bed

We turned Tanner's crib into a toddler bed over the weekend. So far he hasn't fallen off of it yet, although we put our extra crib mattress on his floor for when it happens. We've always put Tanner in his crib and left him to fall asleep on his own. It worked well when he was "caged" in. The first 24 hours I don't think it occured to him that he could get out of his bed by himself, but last night he realized this. I went to check on him before going to bed myself and this is how I found him
Across his room in front of the rocking chair where we had a stack of books fast asleep. I imagine he got out of bed as soon as I left and looked through books until he was so tired he fell asleep. I'm having a little trouble today getting him to take a nap too, even though he's so tired he can hardly keep his eyes open. I have had to go in a couple of times and tell him to lay back down and go to sleep. Not having to lift him in and out of his crib is a back saver though.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here We Go Again...

Since most of the people who look at my blog are Stephen and I's family and since we've told them, I think it is time to announce to the blogging world that I am expecting child number 3! I'm 11 weeks along and my due date is March 25, 2010. YAY! I'm looking forward to a Spring baby this time. I have had a little morning sickness, but nothing too bad. In fact, I'm less sick than I was with Tanner and I was less sick with Tanner than I was with Vance so all is good. Mainly, I've just been really tired, dealing with lots of headaches and backaches which is normal for me. With my previous two I was pretty much over morning sickness after 13 weeks so if I follow that pattern I should be even better in a couple more weeks.

Now that I have officially announced it, I can make references to being pregnant. Oh, and if you are curious there will be a 2 1/2 year difference between Tanner and our new baby, Vance will be 4 by then.