Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma's Yard

I love my parents yard! It is really cool. I love to go over there and look at all the flowers and plants and everything. It isn't a big yard, but they've sure made it look great. I think I need to go take some pictures of their yard while it is still summer weather. Here's a picture of Vance in their yard. Anyway, I was showing Vance some pictures of the Japanese Garden that Stephen and I went to for our anniversary and he thought the pictures were taken at Grandma's house. So see, even he thinks it is a cool yard. For the record, my yard is really lame.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for thinking that our yard is cool. This really is the first summer that I haven't been totally embarrassed by some ugly corner of it. It gets better every year. NOw if we only have a lot of $$$$ we could landscape the hill that Vance loves so much.