Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something is Missing

Vance came home from school today a very excited.  He lost his first tooth.  It is the front bottom right tooth.  The one on the left is loose so I imagine it will be gone soon as well.
Vance has his tooth under his pillow and he had to ask me all sorts of questions of the Tooth Fairy that I didn't know.  He asked me how she was going to get in and I said she might come through the window, but he didn't think that was a good idea at all.  He thought she would use her wand somehow.  Tanner didn't want to be left out and he excitedly told  me that when he loses a tooth like Vance the "Tooth Perry" would come get his tooth.  So how much money does the Toothfairy give your kids?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rose visits

My little sister took a break from college life to visit us this past weekend.  We had a great time seeing her.  The boys were not anxious for a picture...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tanner's birthday

When we were packing and trying to get ourselves moved Vance and Tanner may have watched every single episode of Phineas and Ferb available on Netflix....  Not overly proud of that, but there it is.  To say that they like that show would be an understatement. 
 I saw these Perry the Platypus twinkie cakes and new that we had to have them for our party.
 Tanner blowing out his birthday candles.
 Tanner had fun opening his presents.  He got this cool card from my parents.

Tanner is four

I put this video together for Tanner's fourth birthday.  It includes pictures of Tanner throughout the past year.  The song I picked is one of Tanner's favorites.  He always dances to it when he hears it.  Tanner is a great kid.  He pulls some of the best faces I've ever seen.  He is a great cuddle buddy.  Tanner is also one smart cookie, maybe too smart for his own good.  He is trying to rivial his dad in being the pickiest eater I've ever met.  I love Tanner so much and enjoy watching him grow and learn new things.  Happy Birthday Tanner!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Porter is 18 months as of today.  That is the golden age where he gets to go to nursery!  It was also our first week actually going to our new ward.  He went in just fine.  Stephen distracted him with a fun toy.  When I peeked in the window on my way to Relief Society he was in someone's arms bawling.  Poor kid, but it must not have been too bad because no one brought him to me and when I picked him up he was sitting on someone's lap watching her blow bubbles for the kids.  The real test will be next week when we drop him off.  He is growing up so quickly.  I was holding my new nephew the other day and Porter looked like a giant next to him.  He isn't a baby anymore. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Lots of changes going on in our neck of the woods.  It is amazing how much can change in such a little time.  We moved in with my sister-in-law the middle of July.  Since then Stephen started a new job, we found a place to live, Vance started kindergarten, we got the bare essentials down to our new place in time for him to start school and then we were able to move the rest of our things into our house last Saturday.  Amid all that, we watched my two nieces for a bit of the time while my sister was giving birth to her beautiful baby boy last Thursday.
Boxes are everywhere and we are trying to get into a new routine and get settled in, but we are happy to be in our new place.  We are grateful to everyone who has helped us.  Thank you!

First Day of School

Vance started kindergarten last Monday.  He was so excited to go.  I am happy to say that I dropped him off and went on my way without either of us shedding any tears.  He has been enjoying school.  Sometimes I can't believe that he is already old enough to be in school.  He did ask me why he had to go to school lots of days now.  If only he knew how true that actually was.  Tanner was feeling a little left out until I reminded him that we can do preschool once we get settled into our new place.