Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Activities

Life is interesting.  I feel like I have been busy lately, but it is doing the routine stuff.  The boys and I do at least one little activity everyday to keep things fun.  They really look forward to what I have planned even when it is small stuff.  I am posting pictures of what we have done.
We read the Rainbow Fish and made these fish crafts.
We did an umbrella craft.
This activity was probably the  most fun for them this passed week.  They painted on bread with food coloring and milk and we made dinosaur shapes.
Porter, especially got into this activity.
We found instructions on how to draw this little guy from Cut the Rope.

Today Tanner and Vance made up little books.

 As I think on the passed week it has been an interesting one.  I have felt disappointment, sadness, discouragement, gratitude, joy, happiness and probably everything in between.  I am trying to hold my head up high and shoulder all the things that come our way with faith in our Heavenly Father.  Sometimes I feel lost, but I do know that Heavenly Father is there guiding us and blessing us.  I know we I have much to be grateful for.  One of Stephen's former co-workers and friends died in a plane crash over the weekend.  It is a reminder to me that life is fragile and we never know how long a loved one will be with us.  I know I personally, need to stop and truly appreciate the wonderful people in my life and not take them for granted.  As I go through these Earthly trials I want to be able to look back and be happy with how I dealt with them so I know I need to do better.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Stephen's Birthday

This week we did some activities to keep the kids busy.  They included playing board games, making crafts for their grandpa's, this little game where they jumped to see how far they could get, we made magic flutes, and decorated for Stephen's birthday which was Saturday.

 Stephen turned 32 on Saturday.  We had cake and watched the first original Star Wars movie.  That was our excitement!  And since we had all that excitement for his birthday we really didn't do anything extra on Father's Day.  I even forgot to take pictures of him with his kids!  We are grateful for Stephen though and for our own fathers.

Porter was way too cute trying to lick the frosting off his paper plate.
Here are a couple of videos of the kids jumping as well.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Vance is officially out of school for the Summer!  I took a picture of him on the last day.  Here is a comparison from the first day to the last.  It is a little misleading because he did have glasses at the beginning of the year, but was not wearing them in the picture.  He has lost and had lots of new teeth come in this year.
 On Wednesday we visited his class.  All of them had animal reports they had done on display so we got to walk around and look at them.  Here is Vance's report on whales.  He loves sea life.  :) He has become a much better reader and writer this year.  He brought home his 1st grade testing scores and did well.  He especially excelled in the various math departments.  He got that from his Dad, not me!
And now we are on Summer Vacation!  Which means I get to find ways to entertain Vance because he thinks that is my job.

Monday, June 3, 2013


On Saturday afternoon Vance was getting over having a fever and was still being mopey so we decided to go for a drive and found ourselves close enough to the temple to stop and walk around.  The boys love to do that.  It was a beautiful day and it wasn't too crowded outside.  Here are some pictures we took.

 All of my men.
 I had perfect timing taking this picture as Tanner sneezed.  Funny.  But not really what I was going for.

 Yay.  A good picture of all three even though you can see Porter's silly tongue.  :)
I think Vance passed his little sicky bug to me, thankfully I haven't been as bad as him.   Porter also has felt feverish tonight too.  Hopefully it passes quickly without getting worse.