Two Become One

                                        First Comes Love

Stephen and I met in January of 2003 while we were both attending Brigham Young University-Idaho.  Stephen's sister, Kimberly lived across the hall from me and was roommates with one of my good friends.  We dated for a few weeks, decided to just be friends and became best friends until April when we decided our relationship was more than friendship.  We got engaged in May that year and started planning an August wedding. I always felt so at peace whenever I was with Stephen and I knew that marrying him was the right decision for me.  I felt like Heavenly Father guided me from the moment I got to know Stephen and on throughout our relationship.  He is my best friend and I am so grateful to a loving Heavenly Father for helping me find a wonderful spouse.

Then Comes Marriage

Stephen and I were married August 16, 2003 in the Idaho Falls LDS temple.  We got married bright and early in the morning.  I am glad because we were able to enjoy the rest of the day as husband and wife.  We had a luncheon at a church house nearby.  A week later we had a reception in my hometown.  Our wedding was simple and I wouldn't have had it any other way.  It fit our personalities nicely.  Stephen even made the center pieces for our reception.  (origami flowers)


Stephen grew up with three older sisters.  He was the youngest.  He has lived around the country from Washington to Florida and lots of places in between.  He has live in 10   different states.  He has also lived in Utah twice and Nevada twice.  Stephen loves to fold origami and is really awesome with it.  You can check out his origami blog at Stephen's Origami.  He also enjoys video games, legos, computers, and taking things apart and putting them back together again.  Stephen has an Associate's Degree in Automotive Technology and is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Technology Management with an emphasis in Database.  He is also employed at a Tech. Support place.  I am one lucky girl.


I am the second oldest in my family.  I have an older sister, two younger brothers, and a younger sister.  I lived in Idaho until I was ten, then my family moved to Washington State where I lived until going to college back in Idaho.  Mostly I have bounced back and forth between Idaho and Washington, but in the last year I can now add Utah to states I have lived in.  I have a degree in Preschool Education.  I enjoy playing the piano, digital scrapbooking, planning and doing activities with my boys, taking walks, and hanging out with my family.  I also blog about my preschool adventures with my boys at Mommy's Little Helper.  I am a stay at home mom, which in my biased opinion is the greatest job in the whole world.

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