Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015- extended family

Christmas this year was so wonderful being able to spend it in Washington with all of my family!  Here are some extended family pictures along with the origami quilts Stephen made everyone. 
The best women I know!
My kids with their Porter Grandparents.
Silly faces (Tanner must have gotten confused. ;))
Here we all are in one picture.  Phew!
My immediate family.  Love them all!
My parents with their grandchildren as of 2015
My Mom was so cute.  She made all the grandkids aprons (and their mom's too).  Each day she had a fun Christmas activity that she did with them. 
Drawing on mugs! 
Glen and Eric showing Tanner how to relax?
Grandpa entertaining Porter and Gigi with his tablet.
Christmas Caroling time!
Just missing Holly's family who went with us as well after visiting her in-laws.
Eric's cute little family.
The kids thought this was pretty funny.
Rose and Eric must have been around whenever I wanted a selfie.
I loved the way my parents tree looked!
Christmas morning!  Gigi, must have already made it to her presents.
My kids are hams.
My parents with their origami quilt
Glen with his origami quilt.  He got something different because Stephen thought the others were too feminine for a single guy.  If you look you can see a white Y for BYU.
Eric and Tami with their origami quilt.
Holly with their quilt.

Rose and Durf (yes, that's what I call him) with their quilt.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas!  We started the morning with cinnamon rolls so how can things go wrong?


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Vance's Tenth Birthday!

It is hard to accept the truth, but Vance is now ten years old!  How could it be ten years ago that I became a mom and my world changed forever!  Vance wanted an owl themed birthday so I did my best to fulfill that while we were in Washington.

 My parents were kind enough to take us all to the movies.  Vance has been excited to see The Peanuts Movie.  It is so cute and clean.  We all enjoyed it.
 Here are all the birthday signs we put up.

 He was very excited to get a watch and I was excited for him to quit asking me the time!
Happy Birthday Vance!  We love you so much!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Here are our pumpkins all painted.  Mine is the white with purple polka dots, Porter's is next to it, Tanner is the black jack-o-latern, then Vance's, followed by Stephen's Bo-bomb from Mario.
 Halloween morning we went and took pictures so I have lots!  In fact, I had a hard decided on which to share.  Stephen's mother makes their costumes each year and she does such a fabulous job. The boys really love it and I appreciate it.  She also made their trick-or-treat bags.
 Porter, the frog.

 Tanner, the artist

Vance, the knight

It really was a beautiful Fall day.  The mountains and trees were so picturesque

 Ready to go to Holly's wards trunk or treat like we have been doing since we moved to here.
 The kids asked if adults could dress up so Stephen and I decided we would this year.  Pixar has a short called "Paper Man".  The man in it fold paper airplanes to try and get a woman's attention and since Stephen is my paper man we thought it was a fitting costume

 Here's our entire family.
 Here are the kids with Jillian, the witch, Chloe as Hello Kitty, and Elliot the spider.
 I still don't care for Halloween, but I am glad the kids enjoy it and have fun with it.