Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015- extended family

Christmas this year was so wonderful being able to spend it in Washington with all of my family!  Here are some extended family pictures along with the origami quilts Stephen made everyone. 
The best women I know!
My kids with their Porter Grandparents.
Silly faces (Tanner must have gotten confused. ;))
Here we all are in one picture.  Phew!
My immediate family.  Love them all!
My parents with their grandchildren as of 2015
My Mom was so cute.  She made all the grandkids aprons (and their mom's too).  Each day she had a fun Christmas activity that she did with them. 
Drawing on mugs! 
Glen and Eric showing Tanner how to relax?
Grandpa entertaining Porter and Gigi with his tablet.
Christmas Caroling time!
Just missing Holly's family who went with us as well after visiting her in-laws.
Eric's cute little family.
The kids thought this was pretty funny.
Rose and Eric must have been around whenever I wanted a selfie.
I loved the way my parents tree looked!
Christmas morning!  Gigi, must have already made it to her presents.
My kids are hams.
My parents with their origami quilt
Glen with his origami quilt.  He got something different because Stephen thought the others were too feminine for a single guy.  If you look you can see a white Y for BYU.
Eric and Tami with their origami quilt.
Holly with their quilt.

Rose and Durf (yes, that's what I call him) with their quilt.

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