Monday, March 24, 2014


Frozen came out this week so we decided to have a little Frozen party on Saturday and watch the movie as a family.  Tanner did most of the drawings and hung them around the house.
 Above, he did all but the Olaf on the left which Vance drew.  Of course, he threw a penguin in the mix.  Not that there is a penguin in the movie at any given time.
 Elsa and her ice castle.
This was hung in his bedroom.  A mountain leading to the ice castle.
 We made Olaf doughnuts.  We used three mini donuts, a doughnut hole, pretzel sticks, an orange Mike 'N Ike, and mini chocolate chips.
 Porter enjoyed his powdered doughnuts.
 We did a few activities including each boy making their own Olaf.  They also colored some coloring pages and we enjoyed having some popcorn while we watched the movie.  In the evening we had blue jell-o.  That was supposed to look like ice cubes.  They all said they had a good Frozen day.

Monday, March 17, 2014


We had fun celebrating Porter's fourth birthday.  I was looking forward to making a monster cake, but he insisted on cupcakes with the papers on top so we did that instead and really it was much easier on me. We love having Porter in our family!
 This is his cool pose.  Has he seen old pictures of his Uncle Eric... ;)

 He was very excited to get Sonic the Hedgehog from my parents. It out-shined the gifts we got him.
 Today was St. Patrick's Day.  The boys were excited to were their green, festive shirts.
We also took Vance to a Pediatric Opthamologist today.  He is still having troubles with one eye turning in sometimes.  The doctor wants to give him a stronger prescription on his glasses and see if we can't train his eye to look forward as it is supposed to.  We'll go back in three months to see if things are progressing.  We are hoping to avoid surgery if we can.  Thankfully, he was confident that we can fix his issue without it leading to his eye being turned in permanently.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Porter!

Happy Birthday Porter!  He really wanted his slideshow song this year to be "Let It Go" from Frozen.  I didn't think it was very fitting, but who am I to get in the way of a him and his current favorite song.  :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

March is Here!

Hooray for March!  I love Spring time and March means Spring here or very near.
I am still making sure to take a picture a week so here are pictures from the last three weeks.
Porter and I did a "Go Dog! Go."  preschool theme.  We had a lot of fun.  We played Red Light, Green Light with the signs he has in this picture.  Love that little face.
 Tanner and Porter spend a lot of time outside.  Vance does as well, but since he is in school longer I don't get quite as many pictures of them playing.  I have no idea what they are doing in this picture besides playing and having fun, but it cracks me up.
 I did get a picture of Vance outside last week.  He is so big and grown up!