Monday, March 24, 2014


Frozen came out this week so we decided to have a little Frozen party on Saturday and watch the movie as a family.  Tanner did most of the drawings and hung them around the house.
 Above, he did all but the Olaf on the left which Vance drew.  Of course, he threw a penguin in the mix.  Not that there is a penguin in the movie at any given time.
 Elsa and her ice castle.
This was hung in his bedroom.  A mountain leading to the ice castle.
 We made Olaf doughnuts.  We used three mini donuts, a doughnut hole, pretzel sticks, an orange Mike 'N Ike, and mini chocolate chips.
 Porter enjoyed his powdered doughnuts.
 We did a few activities including each boy making their own Olaf.  They also colored some coloring pages and we enjoyed having some popcorn while we watched the movie.  In the evening we had blue jell-o.  That was supposed to look like ice cubes.  They all said they had a good Frozen day.

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