Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break

Vance got a stronger prescription on his glasses in hopes to train his eye to stay forward instead of turning in which meant new glasses for him.  We all really like the look of them and Vance  says they are more comfortable than his other pairs too.
 Spring Break was 2 days long, although they got another day off because it was the end of their term and that was a "teacher day" so they had 3 days off.  I thought it was kind of a weak Spring Break, but I guess they will get out sooner for Summer Vacation.  Stephen dropped us off at the library one day on his way to work and after the library we went to the park next to it and played before walking home.  We left just in time because it started raining shortly after getting home and then that turned to snow.  They don't have jackets on in the picture, but it was real cold.  They wore jackets on the walk home. I felt like we were in Idaho with the weird cold weather.
 Vance playing at the park.
 Tanner playing at the park.
 We enjoyed sitting at home as a family watching General Conference this past weekend.  We don't get any tv stations so we hooked Stephen's tablet to the tv and ran it through the internet.  We had some coloring contests to keep the kids happy and quiet. It worked really well with the oldest two.  Porter enjoyed watching on the tablet rather than the big tv.  Maybe he felt like it was more personal. :)

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