Sunday, December 29, 2013

Vance's Baptism

Vance was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints yesterday.  It was a lovely day surrounded by family members.  
In November my younger sister took some pictures of Vance on Temple Square.  I used the first one for an invitation.  She did a good job. We had lots of favorites.  

Vance on his special day.  He was a little nervous about the logistics of actually being baptized, but he did a great job and so did his dad.  Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped with the program and the lunch afterwards.  I couldn't have done it all without your help.
 I seriously only took a few pictures, but my younger sister took lots so I will share more when I get copies from her.  She took some of Vance and Stephen and people at the baptism.  I did get a couple of pictures of Vance with each set of grandparents.  Here he is with my in-laws.
 Here he is with my parents.
Vance's Grandpas gave the talks, My mom and younger sister sang a duet, he had all but one of his uncles there to stand in his confirmation circle.  It was a special day that I think Vance will always remember.  He said he felt "awesome" afterwards.  :)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  We enjoyed being home this year.  We also got to spend some time Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Stephen's family.  It was nice.
 The boys with their stockings on Christmas morning.  They were not happy I made them pause for a picture.

Just wanted to share a few pictures.  We wrapped up Christmas and now are getting ready for Vance's baptism.  It has been quite the week!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Vance is 8

Vance lives for his birthday.  He has been anticipating his 8th birthday for a long time now because in our church  8 year old's have the opportunity to be baptized and he is looking forward to that.
 He was very excited to get his very own set of scriptures from his Grandpa and Grandma Porter.  He has been reading out of them and showed them off at church yesterday.
 Since his birthday was on a Sunday we let him wear his suit and new tie that he has been saving for his baptism.
 He wanted a Star Wars themed birthday, but not Legos, cartoons, or Angry Birds.  The real actors.  My boy is growing up.  Sniff, Sniff.
 I didn't know how to make a good Star Wars birthday cake so I just put some figures on there.  He was happy about it so I guess that's what matters.

 This kid is growing up way to fast.  He was quite eager to open up his presents.
Here is his stack of presents from us.  He got more from extended family.  Thanks everyone!
 Tanner enjoying the birthday celebration.
 Porter also enjoying the birthday celebration.
 Vance has been really wanting a set of Checkers and what better thing to get than a Super Mario set.
 I love when then kids are genuinely surprised and happy when they are opening their gifts.
He was real excited to get this remote control helicopter.  We actually bought it in July at Target for 70 percent off so it was a win-win situation all around.

Along with birthday we celebrated the Sunday before Christmas.  I made them pose for a few pictures before church.  I already posted the one of Vance by himself.
 Here are all three of the sillies.  It is hard to get a good picture of all three at the same time when you are in a hurry to get to church.
 Here is my little Porter man.  He is counting down the Sundays left before he can go to Primary!  One more.
And my Tanner.  I had to tell him to stop making face and just smile because I didn't want a silly picture...

I have been busy and we have all been sick this month, but we are down to the busiest week and we are hoping to enjoy it and not be too stressed.  Of course, I am talking about myself.  Stephen doesn't get stressed.  We are looking forward to Christmas, Vance's baptism, and spending time with family.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Last week we were getting into the Christmas Spirit.  
We made gingerbread ornaments.
The boys decorated Giant Gingerbread Cookies.  That was a lot of fun. They were more fun than doing ginger bread houses and no tears from pieces falling apart.
We decorated the tree.  Vance was very anxious to do this one Thanksgiving was over so we got right on it.
Here are the boys admiring the lights.
 We love having Christmas origami things out on display.  I have several different trees, a wreath, the star on top of the tree, star garland, and this cute Santa Claus.
 This is a cute ornament that Stephen's Mom brought us back from Colorado last time they were there visiting his sister.
Porter was a sickie on Friday.  I felt so bad for him and me (since I got to clean up after him-ha).  Poor boy.  Thankfully he bounced back quickly and is feeling great now.  Tanner didn't feel too great yesterday, but wasn't nearly so sick and is fine today as well.
 The boys had fun playing with Grandma's different Christmas hats and such when we were at her house last.
I am about to get the evil eye.
 Silly goose.
They thought it was funny to look like Santa Claus.
One hat is good so two hats must be better, right? 
I have done lots of Christmas type things with Porter for preschool and have more planned to do.  Fun time of the year.  We are also preparing for Vance's birthday and baptism later in the month. I have fun pictures of Vance to share all spiffed up that my sister took for his baptism announcement.

Monday, December 2, 2013


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break with my family.  We reserved our church and did it there since there isn't a place to fit us all. Everyday in November up to Thanksgiving I had the kids write down on a leaf something they were thankful for and we hung it on the wall.
 Here is Porter's list (in no particular order):

  1. Dad
  2. Christmas
  3. Vance
  4. Monsters University
  5. Me!
  6. Grandmas
  7. Toys
  8. Shoes
  9. Phones
  10. Pizza
  11. Food
  12. Preschool
  13. The Piano Guys
  14. Tanner
  15. Family
  16. Snuggling with my Frog
  17. Dad's DS
  18. Squinkies
  19. Church
  20. Yogurt
  21. Coats
  22. Snow
  23. My Leap Pad 2
  24. Earth
  25. Crayons
  26. Mom
  27. My Room
  28. Thanksgiving

 Tanner lost his first tooth on Saturday.  Here he is showing it off! Here is Tanner's list in no particular order:
(in parenthesis is how he spelled things)

  1. Church
  2. Leaves (leafs)
  3. Snails
  4. Vance
  5. Music
  6. Christmas
  7. Porter
  8. Pictures
  9. Thanksgiving (thakesgiving)
  10. Socks
  11. Home
  12. Coats
  13. Games
  14. Mom
  15. Temples (Templ)
  16. Eyes
  17. Me!
  18. Grandmas (Granmas)
  19. DSS
  20. Dad (I am grateful for dad)
  21. Water
  22. School
  23. Crayons
  24. Computers
  25. TV
  26. Mrs. Cottrell
  27. Bedroom
  28. Grandpas

Vance loves his cute little cousin who was able to come by and visit us on Sunday.
Here is his list:

  1. Grandpas
  2. Family
  3. Eyes
  4. Stuffed Animals (suffte amiles)
  5. Video Games
  6. Pizza
  7. Toys
  8. School (shool)
  9. Thanksgiving (Fancksgiving)
  10. Porter
  11. Nose
  12. Movies
  13. Snow
  14. Mario Toy
  15. Games
  16. Christmas
  17. Math
  18. Home
  19. Dad's DS
  20. The Piano Guys
  21. Tanner
  22. Books
  23. Toys
  24. Mom
  25. Dad
  26. Grandmas
  27. Giving thanks
  28. Home (a repeat)

We also had fun going to temple square.  My sister, Rosemary took some pictures for me to use for Vance's baptism announcements. They look great.  I will share those closer to his baptism.  We also saw the new Disney movie Frozen and enjoyed that.
 We enjoyed playing with our youngest niece/cousin yesterday when my brother's family stopped by for a bit.  She seemed pretty fascinated by Stephen.  Not sure if it was his height or if he has a nice, deep voice like her daddy or what, but she seemed to like him.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

On Saturday my sister-in-law had us over to her house for a fun little movie date as a family (minus Stephen's sister in another state).  We watched "Wizard of Oz" and she had some fun activities and food put together for us to enjoy.
She has two boys herself so we have fun doing boy-type things together.  The boys decorated these boxes like a house to sit in while they watched the movie.

 Grandma made all the boys bat wings and tails so they could pretend to be flying monkeys.  Tanner isn't the least bit dramatic, is he?
 Here is a better look at the wings and tails.  They looked so cute.
 Here is our tasty lunch.  The cupcakes were my BIG (sarcasm) contribution to the entire thing.
 Here are all the flying monkeys.  The littlest monkey did not want to wear his stuff, but the rest of them enjoyed it.
 Yesterday was Veteran's Day.  I am thankful for all the Veteran's out there!  I am also thankful that Stephen had the day off.  The boys got him to do some origami with them.  Vance made a crab and butterfly.  Tanner made a crab.  Porter made his very own dolphin.  Then he made me tell him how to write Mom and Dad.  After he wrote that down he told me I had to share if someone asked nicely if they could play with it....
This week we've met with both Tanner and Vance's teacher for parent/teacher conference.  They are both doing well.  Tanner is at the top of his class and his teacher is trying to get it worked out for him to be in a first grade reading group.  She says he tries hard to be patient with the other kids, but sometimes it is hard for him.  I do feel a little bad for him, knowing how irritated I got with other kids when I was in school and I wasn't half as smart as Tanner.  I was also way too shy to let anyone know it bothered me, Tanner isn't so shy.  Vance is doing well too.  His teacher says that he keeps her in line.  She has learned not to tell him things unless she is positive she will follow through.  All of you who know Vance know exactly what she is talking about.  He is a hard worker though even though he does need to learn to slow down and make sure he is doing his best.  We have been very fortunately to have great teachers for our boys!  Porter tagged along with both conferences and made friends with the teachers too.