Monday, December 9, 2013


Last week we were getting into the Christmas Spirit.  
We made gingerbread ornaments.
The boys decorated Giant Gingerbread Cookies.  That was a lot of fun. They were more fun than doing ginger bread houses and no tears from pieces falling apart.
We decorated the tree.  Vance was very anxious to do this one Thanksgiving was over so we got right on it.
Here are the boys admiring the lights.
 We love having Christmas origami things out on display.  I have several different trees, a wreath, the star on top of the tree, star garland, and this cute Santa Claus.
 This is a cute ornament that Stephen's Mom brought us back from Colorado last time they were there visiting his sister.
Porter was a sickie on Friday.  I felt so bad for him and me (since I got to clean up after him-ha).  Poor boy.  Thankfully he bounced back quickly and is feeling great now.  Tanner didn't feel too great yesterday, but wasn't nearly so sick and is fine today as well.
 The boys had fun playing with Grandma's different Christmas hats and such when we were at her house last.
I am about to get the evil eye.
 Silly goose.
They thought it was funny to look like Santa Claus.
One hat is good so two hats must be better, right? 
I have done lots of Christmas type things with Porter for preschool and have more planned to do.  Fun time of the year.  We are also preparing for Vance's birthday and baptism later in the month. I have fun pictures of Vance to share all spiffed up that my sister took for his baptism announcement.

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