Monday, March 17, 2014


We had fun celebrating Porter's fourth birthday.  I was looking forward to making a monster cake, but he insisted on cupcakes with the papers on top so we did that instead and really it was much easier on me. We love having Porter in our family!
 This is his cool pose.  Has he seen old pictures of his Uncle Eric... ;)

 He was very excited to get Sonic the Hedgehog from my parents. It out-shined the gifts we got him.
 Today was St. Patrick's Day.  The boys were excited to were their green, festive shirts.
We also took Vance to a Pediatric Opthamologist today.  He is still having troubles with one eye turning in sometimes.  The doctor wants to give him a stronger prescription on his glasses and see if we can't train his eye to look forward as it is supposed to.  We'll go back in three months to see if things are progressing.  We are hoping to avoid surgery if we can.  Thankfully, he was confident that we can fix his issue without it leading to his eye being turned in permanently.

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Holly said...

I've been meaning to ask how Vance's appointment went but all I had to do was read your blog! Porter looks like such a grown up boy in that first picture! I can't believe it. And that does look an Eric face in the second picture. Ha ha!