Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Here are our pumpkins all painted.  Mine is the white with purple polka dots, Porter's is next to it, Tanner is the black jack-o-latern, then Vance's, followed by Stephen's Bo-bomb from Mario.
 Halloween morning we went and took pictures so I have lots!  In fact, I had a hard decided on which to share.  Stephen's mother makes their costumes each year and she does such a fabulous job. The boys really love it and I appreciate it.  She also made their trick-or-treat bags.
 Porter, the frog.

 Tanner, the artist

Vance, the knight

It really was a beautiful Fall day.  The mountains and trees were so picturesque

 Ready to go to Holly's wards trunk or treat like we have been doing since we moved to here.
 The kids asked if adults could dress up so Stephen and I decided we would this year.  Pixar has a short called "Paper Man".  The man in it fold paper airplanes to try and get a woman's attention and since Stephen is my paper man we thought it was a fitting costume

 Here's our entire family.
 Here are the kids with Jillian, the witch, Chloe as Hello Kitty, and Elliot the spider.
 I still don't care for Halloween, but I am glad the kids enjoy it and have fun with it.

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