Monday, June 10, 2013


Vance is officially out of school for the Summer!  I took a picture of him on the last day.  Here is a comparison from the first day to the last.  It is a little misleading because he did have glasses at the beginning of the year, but was not wearing them in the picture.  He has lost and had lots of new teeth come in this year.
 On Wednesday we visited his class.  All of them had animal reports they had done on display so we got to walk around and look at them.  Here is Vance's report on whales.  He loves sea life.  :) He has become a much better reader and writer this year.  He brought home his 1st grade testing scores and did well.  He especially excelled in the various math departments.  He got that from his Dad, not me!
And now we are on Summer Vacation!  Which means I get to find ways to entertain Vance because he thinks that is my job.

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Holly said...

What I want to know is why Vance is tan on the last day of school and not the first? Did you not let him outside last summer? ;)