Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Something is Missing

Vance came home from school today a very excited.  He lost his first tooth.  It is the front bottom right tooth.  The one on the left is loose so I imagine it will be gone soon as well.
Vance has his tooth under his pillow and he had to ask me all sorts of questions of the Tooth Fairy that I didn't know.  He asked me how she was going to get in and I said she might come through the window, but he didn't think that was a good idea at all.  He thought she would use her wand somehow.  Tanner didn't want to be left out and he excitedly told  me that when he loses a tooth like Vance the "Tooth Perry" would come get his tooth.  So how much money does the Toothfairy give your kids?


Anonymous said...

You are setting a presidence with this first tooth so be sure to put a price on it that you will want to continue with.

He is a cutie!


Edmond said...

Hey, our young man is growing up.

Sheila C. said...

Look teeth!!! What a fun time for him. I raised my kids a LONG LONG time ago, they only got a quarter:)

Toni Parmelee said...

tooth fairy brought $1 for my kiddos teeth. When she remembered. Sometimes she felt guilty for forgetting a few nights in a row and would bring more : )

Marci Roberts said...

It is amazing to me how differently kids do things. Dallin just lost his first tooth right before school started. He is going to 2nd grade.