Monday, September 21, 2009

Tanner's Birthday

As previously mentioned, Tanner's b-day was yesterday. We celebrated with my parents and younger sister with dinner, cake/ice cream, and presents.
Here are a few pictures.

I didn't really decorate, but I did put this up.Here is Tanner's Dr. Seuss Train Cake. I thought it looked like a Dr. Seuss cake since it was really bright colors and they're different sizes, and the last one was a little tipsy. (Hey, I'm an amateur)

Both boys were super excited about the cake. Neither liked us singing "Happy Birthday" to Tanner. As you can see, Vance buried his head the whole time we sang. Tanner endured it a little better.

Yay for cake!

Tanner would rip a tiny little strip of wrapping paper off and then hand it to someone. Let's just say it took him a little while to open his gifts. We eventually got him to put his garbage in a box instead of handing it to someone. We also let Vance help unwrap a couple. He was getting impatient with Tanner's slow unwrapping process.


Sheila C. said...

Hope he had a great day. Loved the cake!

Holly said...

Vance is a funny kid. You weren't even singing to him! I think your cakes looks great! Glad Tanner had a good b-day!!!

Mabel said...

I think your cake is adorable, and so are Tanner and Vance.