Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parks and Children

I took the boys to the park to play this morning. Not sure how many more times we'll do that before it gets cooler. They had a great time as always.
Stephen told his boss yesterday that I was expecting and I have to share her response which was, "Uh-oh...wait, is this a good thing?" Stephen assured her that it was a good thing. Then she said something like, "That's a lot of little ones." I told Stephen he should have pointed at himself and said, "Uh, Mormon, remember?" Where we used to live three kids was nothing, but here is seems to be a much bigger deal and guess what we might not be done with 3 (gasp!). To add to that we've had our kids fairly close together so I imagine that makes it all the crazier to people. Hey, I want to have my babies while my body is young and to be able to keep up with my little ones.
I'm just waiting until I start showing because I know two comments/questions I'm bound to get. First, off people are going to tell me that I'm going to have my hands full. Thanks, for pointing that out. I actually am already well aware of that. The other I'm sure I'll get is something to do with either needing to have a girl or asking if I want to have a girl. Honestly, and I'm not just saying it I don't care. If I have a girl, great. I'd love to have a daughter, but I'll be just as happy with another boy. I love my boys and I am prepared to have another one as far as clothes and toys go.
I promise not to make every post one about pregnancy and babies, but I couldn't help but chuckle over Stephen's boss and her response.

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Holly said...

Oh the things people say and shouldn't...this is why I'm glad I'm in Utah. No one thinks twice about my babies being less than 2 years apart. In fact, I usually get a "that's just about right" comment. Good luck!