Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's Been Keeping Me Busy

What's been keeping me busy lately?  Well, I'll tell you (in no particular order) since you asked... :)

1.  Vance
2.  Tanner
3. Porter
4. Trying not to distract Stephen from his school work.
5.  Trying to make sure the boys don't distract Stephen from school work.
6.  Avoiding household chores like cleaning.  (It's never ending)
7.  Gave my Mommy's Little Helper Blog a make over.
8.  Trying to plan and prepare preschool lessons so I can do preschool with Vance and Tanner this year.  I'm trying to make it a little more formal than in the past.  I forgot how time consuming and challenging it can be, but it'll be good.  (assuming what I plan goes through)
9.  Digital Scrapbooking.  I'm slowly trying to learn new techniques in Photoshop Elements to make cooler pages.  Here is one page I've done.


Holly said...

Looks good! I'm impressed. The only things I know how to do in Photoshop are the things Sean has shown me to do (over and over...). I feel like all I do here is feed kids, or take off/out put on/in extras for Chloe (helmet/tube). Oh, and go to the doctor. We do that a lot. Glad I don't have to keep kids out of Sean's hair too! Good luck with everything:)

Sheila C. said...

Your page is really cute. And yes, you do sound busy but a good busy!

Eric said...

Nice job with the photoshop! I like it :)