Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Picture Time

We had a nice Conference weekend at my parent's house.  Here are some pictures from Saturday evening and then some I took this afternoon.
My mom found a frog in their sandbox and caught it, but the boys didn't want anything to do with it until we'd let it go and it had hidden itself out of sight.  At that point, Vance begged to see the frog, go figure. 
The frog was deep in the leaves against the wall and that is as close as Vance would get.
 Vance tried his hand at tennis.
 My mom was watering plants and Tanner wanted to get wet so she would just squirt the top of his head.  Vance got in on the action once, and he was good.
 Tanner stepped behind Vance while my mom was squirting Vance's head so he got pretty soaked.  He loved it.  I can't tell you how many times I told him to get his mouth off the hose after we'd turned the water off.
 And we need a picture of Porter just because he is so dang cute!
 I just realized the boys were wearing shorts on Saturday and today they are wearing pants and long sleeved shirts.  It really warmed up too much for long sleeves but it was cool this morning.  I guess fall must be here.
 The best pictures I get of Vance is when he is just starting to laugh.  Cute smile.
 Tanner thinks he either needs to be silly if I pull out the camera or run away and ignore me.

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