Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, we got ourselves moved.  We picked up the moving truck last Friday, got everything packed up and cleaned on Saturday and headed part way to our destination.  We were able to visit my brother Eric and his wife, Tami in their new apartment.  It was great to see them.  Then we continued on our way on Sunday.  Stephen's sister, Mandy, her husband, and her two boys are letting us stay at their place until we get a job and a place to live.  We are so grateful for their willingness to share their home.  We are also grateful they have room for us.  We were able to get our stuff into their garage and basement.  We had some guys from our ward come help us load the truck on Saturday which was a huge help.  Stephen's parents came up to help us out.  His dad drove the moving truck and his mom drove her van full of our stuff.  It was a huge help!  My parents came and helped us clean and watch the boys while we packed up and that was a huge help!  I am always so amazed at people's willingness to help and for people's kindess.  How do you repay people who do huge things for you, like let you live in their  house?  I don't know, but I am so grateful to everyone who has helped us with this move even if your helping has been to pray for us.  THANK YOU! The boys were very excited about our moving truck.  I am so glad they can find adventure in moving.
 Porter starting feeling feverish and sick on Thursday night and today was the first day he started to seem back to normal.  Poor kid.  I've really felt bad for the little guy.  He has been a trooper though.
 Vance was eager to help load the truck and do anything he was able to.
We were able to go to the court hearing for Mandy and Jake's adoption of their son, Jonah on Monday.  That was fun.  We are looking forward to seeing him sealed to them and going to his blessing as well.  I am grateful to be able to participate in some of these big family events. 

I must say, though I was and am very sad to move.  I loved the area we lived in and I loved living close to my parents.  It is going to take some adjusting, but I have faith that we have made the right decision even though it was a hard one to make.  Life is interesting, isn't it?

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Marci Roberts said...

You know, I don't always think we can repay the same people for the kindness they show us but I think in this life if we are willing to help and serve we will have the opportunity to "pay it forward" to someone else.