Friday, August 19, 2011

The Park

When Stephen started his new job I decided to take the boys for a walk each morning.  They are early risers and have an obnxious amount of energy first thing in the morning.  Well, Mandy's neighborhood has some fun parks that are just too fun to walk by and not play out so we take a daily walk to the park.  It has been a lot of fun for the boys.  Even with my back bothering me I've managed to get them to the park to play. 
"Look, Mom a dinosaur!"
Porter loves swinging.  He could spend the whole time at the park in the swing.

Vance is finally starting to like the swing after nearly five years of trying to get him to like it.

Tanner enjoying the swing too.

This particular park has a couple of baseball fields and some bleachers.  The boys wanted to go check those out one day.
I guess Porter played too hard or didn't get enough sleep last night because this morning he actually fell asleep in the swing!

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Collier Family said...

Oh, parks are wonderful! That looks like a nice one! Glad you had fun!