Monday, May 12, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother's Day

Since last week was Teacher Appreciation week the boys tried to do some special things for their teachers.  They took them notes, a little treat and on Friday they took their teacher's roses that Stephen folded and put on twisted wire.  We have enjoyed their teachers this year and are thankful for them.  I am glad that Stephen is so talented and was willing to stay up late one night after work to get these folded for the boys.  They were very excited to give them to their teachers.  The rose is real pretty.  The picture doesn't do it justice.
 On Sunday was Mother's Day.  I had to play the piano in Sacrament Meeting for the primary kids to sing, but I was grateful I didn't have to speak.  However, Stephen did have to speak.  He did well though.  It was a good meeting.  All three speakers were interesting and the primary kids did well with their singing.  I do love my boys and am very grateful for them.  I am also grateful for many mothers in my life, but most especially my own dear mom.

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