Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grandpa, Pumpkins and Halloween

My dad came for a little visit in October.  We don't get to see him or my mom too often so it was nice to have him here.  The boys enjoyed telling him all about the latest video game they are obsessed with (Pikmin 3) and we have been enjoying some Washington apples he brought.  :)
 We painted our pumpkins one day. Here are the boys with their pumpkins before they painted them.
Here they are after they painted them.
 Vance enjoyed making a jack-o-latern type pumpkin face.  I think he was channeling one he saw on "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".
 Porter just had fun painting away.  I like the colors he picked to go with the orange pumpkin.
 Tanner made a Pikmin (of course).  :)
We took the boys to the aquarium in their costumes and they had a great time.  Everyone commented on our little R2-D2 and we even had a Slytherin comment on how nice our Harry Potter looked. 
The aquarium had pumpkins, spider webs, and skeletons throughout the place.  This fish really liked hanging out by this particular pumpkin.  It was funny.  Tanner is really good at coming up with funny poses to do for the camera.
Here are our Trunk or Treaters.  We went to Holly's church to trunk or treat again this year.  We had a good time with them.  This picture is of the boys in character which is why Porter is not smiling.
 My mother-in-law made the costumes again this year and as always did a fantastic job.  Vance is really good at picking out fun things to be for Halloween. I think he made the perfect Harry Potter and he had fun.  He's already worn the tie for church and for tie day at school.
Tanner spent a long time deciding what he wanted to be for Halloween.  He finally decided that a ninja sounded fun.  He used origami ninja stars and had fun in his school's Halloween parade and class party.
 Porter enjoyed being R2-D2.  We got tons of comments wherever we went when he was in costume.  My sister-in-law helped with the drawing and some of the painting.  He looked so cute in it.  I couldn't help, but giggle at him.  He had fun trying to make R2-D2 noises.

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