Friday, May 27, 2016

P.A.L. program

The PAL program had an Art Gala for the 1-3rd graders in that program.  We were able to go and see Tanner's art display as well as watch a play/skit that his class wrote and put on all by themselves.
 The PAL program has been great for Tanner and Porter's kindergarten teacher thought it would be a good thing for Porter as well so we decided to have him tested and he got in.  That means Porter will be attending Tanner's school next year as a first grader.  In fact, Tanner's teacher loops from 1st to 2nd grade so she has been his teacher for two years and now she'll be back in first grade and have Porter!

One day they invited the incoming PAL kids to come look around the classroom.  Tanner and Jillian stuck around to help show the new students around the classroom.

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