Monday, April 20, 2009

My brother's videos

I thought I'd share a couple of videos that my brother, Eric has done. I think they are fun and I think it's cool that Eric knows how to do that kind of stuff. He is my younger brother even though people always tell me he looks older...
To explain the videos, I'll just quote Eric himself.
"I wrote this song in late 2004, recorded it summer 2007, and decided to make a video for it this past week. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro."

Second video, again quoting Eric:
"I made this video for my class on Final Cut Express. My roommate Ryan came up with the idea and laid out the scenes and I filmed and edited. It was also featured in the BYUI film festival April 1, 2009."

Hope you enjoyed the free entertainment and Eric, I hope you don't mind me sharing them!

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