Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My children are adorable

...if I don't say so myself. My boys are constantly doing cute or funny things that I mean to write down, but I don't get around to it and then I generally forget. I seem to get things down on this blog sooner than anything, but I forget quickly. I even have a hard time remember things long enough to share with Stephen when he gets home from work. I thought I'd try and remember some things they do or have done or said lately.
The week before Easter we made Resurrection Rolls. Basically you wrap a marshmallow in a crescent roll and cook it. The marshmallow represents Jesus Christ's body and the crescent roll the tomb he was buried in so I was telling this all to Vance each time we wrapped the crescent roll around the marshmallow. I didn't think he was paying a bit of attention to me. He wasn't acknowledging anything I said and he was trying to stuff as much in his mouth as he could get away with so yesterday when I opened the cupboard and he pointed out a bag of marshmallows and said, "Jesus Christ." I could not help but bust up laughing. I guess something sunk in after all. I then told him what they marshmallows were actually called. I can just picture someone bringing some to church and Vance calling them "Jesus Christ" oh they'd be wondering what the I was teaching my children! Vance is very into anything that has to do with birthdays. He loves talking on the phone and taking pictures with the camera on my cell phone. In fact he refers to my cell phone as his. "Where's my phone?" Um... I hid it from you so you...

Tanner is so funny to listen to and watch. If you tell him to march he will march around the room saying, "March, march, march..." as you can see in the video below. He loves to try and boss us all around. Yesterday he told me to "Come back" twice. One of my favorite things he says is, "Vance (or whoever he's looking for) where are you?" He also likes to wave and say hi. "Hi Mom" "Hi Doggie" The other evening we were in the kitchen and the door opened and Tanner said, "Hi Dad!" and waved before he even saw Stephen come in. I guess he knows Dad had better be the only one coming in without knocking.

The two of them are little partners in crime. I'm pretty sure they plan to have one keep me occupied while the other gets into something. Tanner fights back now when Vance tries to bully rather than just take it like he did when he was younger so I get to break up fights all the time. They do love each other though. When they get up in the morning they say hi to each other and if I tell them to give each other a hug they will both open their arms and hug (most of the time...). If one is doing something fun they will tell the other to come play.
Anyway, I guess I've babbled on long enough about my cuties. I want to do better at writing the little things they do down because I already know I've forgotten so much of the past three years.


Mabel said...

Your children are adorable! They are also funny, cute, loving and much,much more. Fun little boys!

Holly said...

I love the marching. What a cutie! (Vance is a cutie too!)