Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bunk Beds

Knowing that a new baby is coming and that he will need a room of his own in the not too distant future I've kept my eyes open for a bunk bed for Vance and Tanner. Well, I find one for a good deal this week and so we bought it. Vance has been so excited to put it together which is pretty funny since he has loved the bed he has been sleeping in and still talks about how Grandpa put it together. Anyway, at first we figured we would wait until we were ready for "Baby Porter" (as my boys call our new baby) to move into a crib before we put the big boys in the bunk beds, but then I decided I would rather deal with the adjustments of Tanner switching rooms, both boys sharing a room, and all that jazz before there is a new baby in the house needing to be fed at all hours of the night so we went to down putting the bunk bed together (great Sunday activity, no?) Vance wanted to be Dad's big helper and so he was. First we had to take apart Vance's bed and put it in our garage until it is needed again.
Of course, we needed to play in it as the pieces were taken apart.
The boys still wanted to be part of the action, but we needed them out of the way so they watched "Finding Nemo" on the laptop.
Here is the finished product! They were so excited about their new bed! We made Vance practice going up and down the ladder many times before bed and then he practiced a few times on his own after we'd said good night to him... Tanner had a rough time falling asleep in his new bed (shocker), but anytime we asked him if he would rather sleep in his old or new bed he said the new one. I realize that most kids his age are just starting out in a toddler bed and we have been there down that and moved on to a twin bed. Oh well. He made the transition to a toddler bed very smoothly and really never fell out of bed so I'm not worried about that happening in a bigger bed. I'm more worried about those two keeping each other up at night. ;) Wish us luck!


Holly said...

So how did the first night with the new beds go?

Mabel said...

Tanner looks so small in his bed! Like he is going to get lost in the space. I love how Vance likes to help put things together and work with tools, he will be handy to have around!

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