Thursday, February 4, 2010

What did you say?

Vance and Tanner come up with some funny stuff sometimes and generally I laugh to myself, think that I should tell Stephen when he gets home and then completely forget about it. I really want to write some of the things they say down so hopefully here is an attempt.

Vance- One morning Vance was telling me "I love Mom. Mom loves me. Tanner loves Dad. Dad loves work." Oh, how untrue the last statement is.
Vance is our polite police. He is on the ball making sure everyone says please, thank you, your welcome, excuse me, and so forth. He also makes sure that you cough or sneeze in your sleeve and will remind you that is what you need to do if you don't.
Vance also feels the need to let his opinion known on my wardrobe. Things like, "No, don't wear that." or "I like that shirt." He will also ask me if we are going to the store if I put on certain pants. (Nothing fits so I am limited to what I go out in, he has picked up on this apparently.)
Yesterday I told Vance he needed to pick up his toys he turned to me and said, "Those are Jilly's toys." (his cousin that lives a days drive away)
If we ever are out of something Vance wants he'll say something along the lines of "Need to go to the store and get some."

Tanner- Last Sunday in church Tanner was convinced that the priest sitting near us was my brother, Glen and there was no unconvincing him despite my efforts. Finally he asked, "Who is it?" I didn't know and told him as much so he went right back onto calling him Glen.
Tanner is into saying, "That's disgusting." Although pretty cute to hear a from a 2 year old mouth not so funny when he is referring to the dinner you made and are expecting him to eat.
In the morning Tanner announces, "I'm awake!" Whether he should be or not is a different thing.

These two can carry on the funniest conversations at times as well. Obviously there is a ton more they say that my poor, haggard mind can't think of right now. I guess I'll have to post on the same topic another time.


Holly said...

Funny funny boys! BTW, the text was really hard to read because of the color change and the background color. Just FYI!

Mabel said...

Those two are so funny! There is never a dull moment and they are the only entertainment I need when I spend time with them. So cute.