Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is my number one Valentine doing the dishes.  Ah, isn't he sweet?  I was trying to sneak a good picture of him and failed.  It's just a picture of the back of him and with Vance jumping up and down saying, "Take my picture with Dad" it wasn't very sneaky either.  Oh well. :)  Next I have two of my little Valentines.  Vance insisted that he NOT wear a button up shirt and tie today while Tanner insisted that he DID wear a shirt and tie so there you go.  My fourth little Valentine I have yet to meet, but I love him.  He likes to kick me and sit on my bladder or put body parts up in my ribs (sound familiar to anyone else?)  I feel a little lame with Valentine's Day this year.  We've done somethings but not as much as last year and I didn't buy the boys shirts to wear.  I did put one of Vance's old Valentine's Day shirts on him after church.  Anyway, we hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day and know that we love you all!


Mabel said...

What sweet Valentines you have! I love a man who will do the dishes! I can't wait to meet Valentine #4! That is a very cute picture of the boys, Vance is growing up too fast.

Holly said...

How sweet that your boys sit nicely and smile for a picture. I have to bribe Jillian with candy to get a picture of her. Even then she doesn't smile. *sigh*

My Valentine does the dishes most nights. I knew I kept him around for a reason! Hope you guys had a good day! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Your Valentines are very cute. Even the big one doing the dishes.


Kimmy said...

What sweet little valentines you have! Can't wait to meet the newest one!