Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

It's my Dad's birthday today so we went and celebrated with him.  I took about four or five pictures of the boys with Grandpa, but none of them were great so I posted the best one of my Dad.  We had a good time visiting and the boys enjoyed having some cake and ice cream.... okay, so did Stephen and I. 
When we were getting ready to leave my mom called someone a sweetheart (was it Vance?) He quickly informed her that was incorrect so she asked if different people were "sweetheart" and he kept telling her know and then he said that Stephen was "Sweetheart".  Well, that is what I call Stephen all the time so I guess it is so.  :)


Kimmy said...

It's a cute picture, even if your dad's the only one posing. Porter is such a chub-a-wub! Can't wait to pinch those cheeks!

Edmond said...

Porter seems to be a bit bored with the whole thing.