Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Month Old

Porter is already a month old and already over 12 pounds and he is 23 inches long.  He is trying to stay the biggest of my babies, I guess.  He is a sweetie and we love him so much!  I thought I would post all of my boys when they were a month old just for fun.  Here they are.

Porter- April 11, 2010
Tanner- October 20, 2007
Vance- January 22, 2006


Holly said...

Cute! You need a picture of Tanner in the same outfit;)

I can't believe how big Porter is. Come on! He's already passed up Chloe (though I hear all the time how small she is). What a cutie! Hopefully I'll be able to meet him soon!

Sheila C. said...

It looks like he should fit right in the family!