Sunday, September 19, 2010

Birthday Party

Tanner turns 3 on Monday, but it worked out better to celebrate on Saturday so that's what we did.  We had a Dinosaur Birthday Party.  I made a dino cake, put up a few decorations, and we had Tanner's favorite, dinosaur chicken nuggets.
Tanner did NOT like us singing to him. He covered his eyes then ran to Grandma for comfort.  Stephen did convince him to blow out his candles, kind of...
Three years old and he is having he is getting fed like a baby. :)
We made Vance stay back while Tanner opened gifts, but he jumped right in to play with them!

Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate. I think Tanner had a good time.


Sheila C. said...

Happy Birthday to Tanner. Glad you got to celebrate no matter what day it is!

Kimmy said...

Cute cake! How fun! Happy Birthday, Tanner!