Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten Months old

Porter is 10 months old today.  Boy, it would have been cool if he was 11 months so he could be 11 months old on 1/11/11, but he is already growing up fast enough without skipping a month!  Porter is into EVERYTHING!  I can not turn my back on him for a second without him getting into something.  He loves to pull himself up on everything and get into all kinds of stuff.  He push buttons on the tv, pulls books of the shelf, tries to play outlets, goes into the kitchen to scavenge for food, he knows how to climb the stairs, stand up in his crib when he should be napping, and so much more!  He wants to walk, but has some work in the stability department before that happens.  He definitely is becoming Mr. Independent and realizes he has a mind of his own.  He gets mad if we take something away from him. 

He is starting to enjoy looking through books and being read to more.  He will wave bye-bye sometimes.  He loves to jabber.  He is so close to getting his two top teeth.  We can see them, just teasing us under the surface.   He has had a big month with his first Christmas, first New Years and second big car trip!

We love Porter so much!!!!

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Sheila C. said...

Wow! he is growing up so fast! And such a cutie.