Sunday, April 15, 2012

Is It the middle of April already?

Today is my dad's birthday (Happy Birthday!) The older two boys drew him pictures and wrote a little note for him.  Tanner's didn't really show up in the picture.  The both had fun drawing balloons and cake and writing "Happy Birthday Grandpa".  My dad sent a picture back with him and the notes and they got a kick out of that.
 The instructions for Vance's homework one day was to some toys to help him do some addition problems.  He used car squinkies.  He was getting a kick of of the fact that two of the answers in a row were the same number when I snapped this picture.
 Tanner loves to mother his stuffed animals.  This day he had a blue rabbit, Porter's green Scout puppy, and a monkey.
 The boys love these angry birds that we cut out of fruit snack boxes.  They've kept them entertained for quite a chunk of time now.
 I bought the boys these shirts and ties for a great deal ($6.99 a piece).  I think they look pretty spiffy even though Vance ended up having to wear jeans because I discovered a hole in his normal Sunday pants (they were too short anyway).  I was embarrassed, but he had to wear something down there.  At least he had a nice new shirt and tie to go with it.  I promised I tucked shirts in, they just never stayed that way...

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