Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We had several rainy days last week, but we've also enjoyed some lovely weather as well.  It must be Spring!
The boys found a new show on Netflix they love watching, "Transformers Prime".  It's a new version of the transformer cartoon and they are hooked as you can tell by Tanner's face below.  They already love the toys.  Taking after their daddy I guess.
 Vance had a kindergarten field trip last week.  They visited a farm and got to see all kinds of baby (and non-baby) animals.  He got to hold a bunny which must have been the highlight of the trip because he is still talking about it.  He was so excited for his field trip.  We went over every little detail he could think to breakdown and go over in preparation.  I was glad to have it over!  I am glad he had such a great time.
 Porter loves drinking any kind of smoothie or anything I juice.  He will drink things that I think are actually kind of gross.  This day he was enjoying a Yoplait smoothie.  Stephen will drink those and he always has to share some with this little guy.
 Just two boys, some stuff animals, and a blanket.  Good times.
 I told Porter to smile at me and I got this cute little face.  He is a hoot.  
 Saturday Stephen works 10 hours all day long.  It was a beautiful day so we went to the closest park that we can walk to and played on the toys and had a snack.  The boys had a wonderful time and I enjoyed getting out of the house as well.
 Sadly, I forgot sunscreen on our Saturday outing and got a lovely sunburn which I am showing off here.  Nice with my dress, huh?  Actually, the worst part was behind my legs.  Porter's cheeks got a little pick, but that was it for the boys.  I was the lucky one...
 Stephen was taking a picture of one of his origami creations and Porter was watching him.  I though it was super cute so I took a picture even though it was not good lighting.
 So I haven't got my hair cut in two years, not a trim or anything.  Horrible, right?  Well, I finally buckled down and got it done this morning.  It doesn't look a ton different.  In fact, I asked Vance if he noticed anything different about my hair when he got home from school and he said no, so there you go.  I did have about 1 1/2 inches cut off the bottom and a little bit of layering.  I wasn't ready to give up the long hair yet.
And there are two pictures of me by myself in this post.  Definitely something wrong here, I guess since it's April and my birthday month....  Maybe next week will be Stephen's turn.  Haha!

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Holly said...

I like your hair! Cute!