Wednesday, May 2, 2012

29 and counting

Stephen's done a lot of cool versions of this stuff.  I think it's called Snapology.  I am probably going to be in trouble for not remembering for sure...  He has made enough of them I should remember what they are called.
 Vance got to eat school lunch last Thursday in preparation for next year when he will do that everyday.  They invited parents and siblings to come to so we all went, although Stephen and I opted out of eating the school lunch.
 On Friday I turned 29.  Yikes!  Anyway, Stephen surprised me with this beautiful Jim Shore Snow White piece.  Love it.  I wasn't expecting anything and was pleasantly surprised to receive that and some other wonderful gifts so thanks to everyone who gave me a gift and/or wished me well.  I appreciate it.
 Tanner and Vance pulled out the ABC activities that I have that we haven't touched for a while since they both know the alphabet real well.  Tanner was having fun with this lacing card for the lower case letter "A".
 Porter was so tired before church.  Can you tell?  Thankfully he fell asleep while they were passing the Sacrament and he stayed asleep until nearly the third hour.  Good thing we weren't in nursery that week and that all our meetings ended up being in the chapel.
 Vance is taking on many of the same interests as his dad.  Video games, transformers, and as you will see in the next two pictures he has started to enjoy origami and legos as well.  He convinced his dad how to teach him this frog.  It's pretty complex for a six year old.  I think Stephen will stick to easier things in the near future, but he did a good job.
 Vance is getting pretty good about following directions for building legos though.  This is a cute robot.
 It's Aunt Kimberly's birthday today (Stephen's sister).  We decided we needed to have lunch with her to help celebrate so we met up with her on her lunch break and enjoyed good food and good company.  Porter is showing off what Stephen made for Kimberly.

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