Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Haircuts, Grandpa's birthday, Kindergarten program

The kids love pulling out the bubble machine when we are outside.
 Vance has been bringing home a lot of projects and papers from school the last couple of weeks.  I like to take pictures of his work and/or scan things so I don't have to save every single thing he does.
 The boys (Stephen included) needed haircuts in a bad way so I finally got that taken care of on Friday.  After I did Porter's hair Tanner said, "Porter, you look like Elliot."  Elliot is their 9 month old cousin that only has a bit of fuzz on his head.
 Don't you love it when your kids wake up happy from a nap?
 We are going to take some pictures when we are in Washington with my family since it'll be the first time we are altogether since Glen left on his mission so we have been working on getting coordinating clothes for that. Apparently, it was an exciting day since that's what I took a picture of...
 On Monday we went to Preston to celebrate my Grandpa Porter's 90th birthday.  Rosemary actually took this picture.  It was nice to see my grandparents.  I haven't seen them since I think Tanner was a baby.
 On Tuesday we headed out to go grocery shopping only to have a dead battery in the car.  Stephen cleaned the battery, got it started, and took it to Les Schwab.  The battery tested good still, it was actually a bad connection to the battery from corrosion build up.  I am glad Stephen knows a thing or two about cars.
 Vance had a kindergarten program today.  The had an under the ocean theme.  He had a little part he did with a couple of other kids and sang a couple of songs.  I can't believe he is almost done with kindergarten.  Time flies so quickly.  He has done well and learned a lot.  It was fun to watch him in a program.

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