Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting close to summer break

Porter just loves wearing his sunglasses.  
 The weather has been pretty nice for playing outside so we have tried to take advantage of it.  Sure missing the yard we had before we moved.  It wasn't anything special, but it was a place to run around and play.
 Vance had the craziest hair when he got up this particular morning.  I made him gel it so it looked like we had gone for the messy look on purpose.
 We went to a "Baby Animals" day and enjoyed looking at all the different animals.  They got to touch and pet lots of different farm animals.  Vance even plucked up the courage to hold a chick for a few seconds.  Here they are petting a rabbit.
 Saturdays are long since Stephen works a ten hour shift during the day and my kids are awake throughout that time so I try to break it up by walking to the park and library.  Vance is holding our bag of books to return to the library.
 Sunday was Mother's Day.  Vance made me a little card at school and wished me a happy mother's day.  I got to talk to my entire family for a bit when Glen called home.  He'll be home from his mission in less than a week now!  I wanted a nice picture of the boys and I, but it wasn't really working out however, I thought this one of them about to kiss me was sweet.  I love my own Mom, too by the way.
 We went to Grandma Jeppson's house to help her pack and move.  The boys chilled for a bit.  I don't think I helped much, just tried to make sure the boys stayed out of the way.
 Vance and his teacher.  We have loved his teacher and hope he gets a good teacher again in first grade!

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Holly said...

Fun pictures! 10 hours on a Saturday is a long time to entertain kids with no vehicle. Call me some Saturday and we'll come by and help you pass the time.