Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Glen's home!

The first picture I have is bad.  I wanted to take a picture of my Mother's Day gift that came in the mail.  I knew it wasn't a good picture, but I didn't realize how bad it was until I pulled it up on the computer.  Oops.  Anyway, I got these rings each one is the birthstone for each of my kids.  Love it!
 Porter absolutely loves this Kermit the Frog shirt.  He wants to wear it everyday even when it is dirty.  He looks pretty cute in it, doesn't he?
 Grandma and Grandpa Jeppson are moving around the block to a different house and when we were up there Friday evening Grandma told Vance she'd give him a penny for each stick he picked up out of the backyard.  He picked up a whole bunch and then he and Grandma counted them.  He made $2.  Tanner got the same offer, but he wasn't tempted in the slightest.
 We spent a good chunk of last week cleaning out and decluttering our garage.  I did get this shoe holder for our closet that is just inside our living room.  We like to keep some shoes in there so we can grab them and go easily, but I they just end up a mess on the floor.  It's been working out well.  I've trained all three boys to put their shoes in the pocket when they take them off.  The only downside is that Stephen's big shoes don't fit too well.
 On Sunday we had regional conference at the Conference Center.  Vance was so pumped to go.  We got to listen to President Uchtdorf and Elder Holland.  It was real good.  My children were not Saints, but they did a good job at being reverent.
 The most exciting thing is that my brother Glen got off his mission on Monday.  Woo-hoo!  He had a 3 hour layover just 30 minutes from Holly and I so of course we went to the airport and hung out with him for a bit. It was great to see him.  Looking forward to seeing him some more when we visit my parents next month.  See how he towers over me?  How did this happen?  I was 8 when he was born.  Oh... I am getting old... He is still the same Glen that we all know and love.  :)
 Porter was enjoying this shape sorter today.  My mom bought this for one of my older boys and I think it will last forever....  I have had a cold and after two days of excitement this is as exciting as life got today....

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Tami P said...

Vance is just so smart! He really is a thinker! Good for him. :) We love reading all about your fam on your blog :) We get to see Glen tomorrow! We are really looking forward to getting everyone all together in a couple weeks. Such an exciting time!