Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning

We have lived in our place seven months now and it has been feeling like declutter time so that's what I have been working on lately.  I want to declutter and organized as much as I can this month so that when Vance is out of school we can enjoy it.  (That's the hope.)  Anyway, thought I'd update with some pictures.

Three men in the tub.
 Porter was playing with Skylanders while I was trying to clean the closet he was  playing in.
 Saturday afternoon the boys and I walked to the park and library.  They had a great time at both places.
 Tanner and Vance playing with Transformers before church.
 Tanner and Vance love their Legend of Zelda shirts so I made them show them off today.  Porter and I are the only ones missing Zelda shirts...

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