Friday, February 15, 2013

Beds, Valentine's, and Crazy Hair

In July I promised the older boys that we would get them Star Wars bedding.  Well, we just got around to doing that.  They were really excited.  
 We also got Porter a twin mattress and got his big bed put together.  He has taken over the Cars bedding that the older boys had.  He is excited to have a high bed even though he needs a stool to climb into it.  Tanner thinks it is cool too.
 Vance was very excited for Valentine's Day.  He even made a girl in his class a special valentine.  I asked how that went and he said she said, "Thank You."  There is the story behind that.  Stephen made me this fun origami rose.  This picture isn't very good.  He took a better one on his phone, go figure.
 Vance had his 100th day of school today and they also had crazy hair day.  There is only so much you can do for boys to make their hair crazier.  I wasn't willing to color it, but since he needed a hair cut I shaved the sides and let him have a mohawk thing going on.  He thought it was fun.  I already buzzed the rest of it tonight.

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