Monday, March 4, 2013


A couple of Saturdays ago Stephen and I made a quick day trip to Nampa to deliver some of our baby furniture to Eric and Tami.  We left our kids with my in-laws.  We didn't have room for them and the things we were taking to Eric's.  It worked out well though.  We were able to travel faster without them and they had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa.  They were disappointed not to see Eric and Tami.  We will have to take them next time.
This passed Saturday we decided to take advantage of the decent weather and continue our Utah temple tour that we started last Summer.  We first went to the Oquirrh Mountain temple.  It was very windy and we were cold at this stop, but we still enjoyed the temple.  There were people coming and going, but it was not super busy.  They were the only temple we went to that day that had a fountain going.  The boys love watching the fountains.
 Here is a shot I got of the boys next to the temple.  They were giving me painful smiles most of the day.
The next temple we went to was Mount Timpanogos.  We went to that temple for Eric and Tami's sealing, but since that was a few years ago we thought we'd go again.  Porter was only 3 months old when they got married.  I think I counted 3 brides at this temple outside taking pictures.  It was way busier, but I am not surprised by that.  The weather had warmed up though and it was pleasant to be outside.  It made me happy that the brides weren't freezing to death.

The last temple we visited was the Draper temple.  It is way up in the mountains.  It had quite a view and a lot of stairs!  This temple was also busy.  I only saw one bride and groom, but I saw two more wedding parties waiting for their newlyweds to come out.  (I saw two women holding bouquets which is how I came to that conclusion)

Porter was funny at the end of the day he told me that we went to 3 temples and held up 3 fingers.  Then he proceeded to say, "Temple one was the fountain temple. Temple two Eric and Tami got married.  Temple three had stairs."  True kiddo.

Speaking of temples and brides my little sister is engaged!  Yay!  She and her future hubby (Steven) are planning on a July 26th wedding in the Logan Temple.  So excited for them!  We are looking forward to having him join the family as well as Eric and Tami's baby coming in May.  It's fun to have additions to our extended families.

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