Monday, March 25, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

My little sister is getting married in July and she had a bridal shower on Saturday.  Holly and I decided to drive up to Idaho for the day to celebrate with her, meet her fiance, and see Glen.  It was lots of fun, but very quick.  We stopped at Subway and had lunch with all three of them and stuck around and hung out with Glen for a bit.  We haven't seen anyone since Christmas so it was really nice to see them.  Glen is off track right now and is going some red furry thing on his chin.  ;)
 We had a good time at Rose's shower and then we hung out a little bit with Rose and Steven at her apartment.  He is a good match for Rose.  I am very happy excited and happy for them.  Being newlyweds is so much fun. As much as my Stephen wanted Rose to marry someone tall so he wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb that isn't going to happen. Hee-hee.

Yesterday they started church of by saying there would be no nursery because strep throat and RSV had been going around so that meant we took Porter to our primary class with us.  Tanner also gave a talk in junior primary.  He did a good job.  In fact, one of the counselors told us that she got lots of positive comments about his talk.  Even some kids commented on how cool it was that he could read.

In the afternoon we went to Grandma and Grandpa Jeppson's house for an early Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt which the boys were really excited about. It was cold outside, at least there wasn't snow I suppose.


Tami P said...

It sounds like you had fun! I should have sent Eric over for the weekend so all the five siblings could have been together. I didn't even think of that until now though... your kids are so great! I hope my kids can read as well as they can at their age.

Holly said...

Ok, I have never heard of cancelling nursery because of illnesses. Are people not smart enough to not take their sick kids to nursery? Weird. Elliot and Chloe didn't even make it through Sacrament meeting before Sean hauled them both home. They were crying/screaming before the sacrament was passed. *sigh* It's going to be a long year.

In that picture of you, Rose, Steven, and me, we all look pretty tall. That is if you didn't know that we were already shorties. HA!