Thursday, March 14, 2013

Scrapbook pages

I thought I'd share some scrapbook pages that I have done recently.  I have not done these pages in any particular order so there are old, new, some of each kid, family ones.  Not really a rhyme or reason to them.  They have been fun though. 
Fourth of July 2012 with Vance.
St. Patrick's Day with the boys in 2010.
 Cute pictures of Tanner in 2009.
 Cute pictures of Porter from 2012
 Cute pictures of the boys that Rose took last Summer.
 Pictures from Temple Square and when Stephen and I attended the MOTAB concert at Christmas time last December.
 Porter's blessing day which was in April of 2010.
They have been fun pages to do.  Maybe I'll post more as I do more.  Hope you have enjoyed looking at them too.

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