Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Recap

Halloween has come and gone. Hooray!  I do enjoy watching my kids have fun dressing up and having fun, but I can do without the rest.  Although I will say that trunk or treats are so much better than going door to door begging people for candy.
Porter used the bat costume Tanner had last year.  All the costumes were made by my mother-in-law.  Thank goodness for her!
 He had a lot of fun being a bat and he loved playing outside flapping around. and the whole bit.
 Tanner wanted to be Link from the Legend of Zelda.  That was an ambitious costume.  He looked great though.  I guess not everyone is such a Legend of Zelda fan as members of our household because he got people asking him if he was Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and even a pirate.  Although, that was at my in-laws church activity.  Last night he just kept getting called Zelda.  He told them he was Link and most people realized there mistake.  Haha.  Easy to get confused.
 This was his "Link face"  looks like a possessed Link to me.  Maybe he was concentrating on defeating an enemy.  Who knows?
 Vance was Obi-Wan-Kenobi.  He was real excited to be a Jedi and have a light saber.  I actually think his costume is my favorite.  (Don't tell...) Everything fit him well and he looked so great.
 He thought this was a good Jedi stance.  Can't really argue with him there.  We've only watch Episode 4 with the kids so I am not sure where he has picked up on all the Star Wars stuff.  Maybe from Legos.
 Since the kids didn't have school today I let them play in their costumes.  They had a great time and they ditched the items that they didn't really want to wear.
 Go defeat that enemy boys!  Pretty sure that's what they are doing.  Never mind that Link's belt is about to fall off his rear end.  No time to worry about such things.  Haha.
 Porter came out of the bathroom at one point with these vampire teeth on.  It cracked me up.  Really, they were too big for his little mouth.  I took another picture with my phone.  I don't think Vance appreciated his teeth being used by someone else though.
Now that is behind us, we can focus on Thanksgiving and helping the boys realize how important it is to express our gratitude.  Really, I should be teaching that year round.  We started out Gratitude leaves again where they write down on a leaf something they are grateful for each day until Thanksgiving and we hang it in our living room.

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