Monday, February 3, 2014

It's February!

We survived another January!  Hooray.  We have been doing pretty routine stuff.  I was glad to have a much more mellow month since November and December seemed pretty crazy.
Porter and I have continued to try and do preschool at least 3 times a week.  Occasionally it happens less, sometimes more.  One of his favorite things that we did in January was a Robot theme.  He was able to decorate a box that I had cut out holes in for his arms and head.  He thought it was fantastic and even had a little robot voice.
 Vance started Cub Scouts in January and he loves it.  He is all set with his uniform.  He looks quite grown up to me in it.  He was able to pass off the remaining things he needed to do to earn his Bobcat stuff this passed week so he'll be moving onto the Wolf stuff.  He is currently the only Wolf in our ward until June I believe.
We also met with Vance and Tanner's teacher this passed week.  They are both doing well with school.  It does make life easier than if they were struggling or hated it.  I feel quite fortunate that isn't the case.

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