Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Picture A Week

In 2012 I took a picture a day.  It was kind of fun and definitely cool to look back on.  It was also a pain.  I would often remember at the end of the day and have to figure out what to take a picture of.  Last year I decided not to do it again because I needed a break.  This year I decided instead of a daily picture I would take at least one picture a week.  I usually take at least one picture a week anyway, so now I can just set one aside to wrap up the week or something we may want to remember about the week.
The beginning of January starts with cousin birthday so my week one picture is of our nephew/cousin and the Sully toy that we bought him.
 Week 2's picture is from our niece/cousin's birthday party.  They enjoyed having cupcakes.
 Week 3 is a picture of my boys having fun with play doh. I don't get it out on a very regular basis because it is so messy, but they'd been asking me to for about a week so I gave in.  Porter loves playing with it the most.  He usually lasts nearly an hour anytime I get it out.
These pictures may not be anything super exciting, but sometimes it is nice to look back and see kids doing the things they loved doing during certain times in their lives. 

I think we are all over the colds we have been battling.  We enjoyed having a three day weekend with Stephen not working and the kids out of school.  I love my family.

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