Thursday, September 4, 2014

Back to School

Well, since the boys have been back in school for nearly two weeks I guess I should blog their back to school pictures from the first day.  :)

 Vance is in 3rd grade this year.  I can hardly believe he is that old.  Time goes by so quickly.  He has a sweet teacher and he seems to be enjoying it.  He already had his first injury at school.  He was playing tag and watching the kid chasing instead of what was in front of him and ran his forehead straight into a pole.  He had a goose egg the size of a golf ball.  Thankfully it went down quickly and even the bruise is healing quickly.
 Tanner is in 1st grade.  I think that is the hardest year to adjust.  He is at a new school on top of learning to adjust to being in school all day.  Kindergarten is only half a day and they spend a lot of it playing so it has been interesting for him to stay all day and get things figured out.  He is in a program that I think will challenge his mind more and I am grateful for that.
 Porter is home for one more year before he goes to Kindergarten.  It has been interesting just having him and me around all day long, but fun too.  We are doing some preschool as well.  Crazy to think this will be my last year of doing preschool with my own kids.  He is a good reader and this year I am hoping to help him learn to write his name well.
Stephen will be moving to a day schedule at work starting next Monday.  We are really excited.  I am especially grateful that the two older boys will get to see him longer than just a little bit first thing in the mornings.

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